With its great central location, major four-lane highways, business-friendly community, low cost of living, abundance of available labor and land, and great infrastructure, it is no wonder why so many manufacturing industries and businesses have chosen Franklin County, Alabama.

Franklin County Loves Business

Franklin County is pro-business. The Franklin County Development Authority is committed to providing the needed resources for area industries to succeed. The authority invests in workforce development programs and provides assistance with new construction and expansion projects. Working with the Alabama Department of Commerce and local governments, as well as TVA and Alabama Power, Franklin County offers competitive tax incentives and other financial and business resources.

A Great Location

Franklin County has an ideal location with four-lane access to Interstate 22 and Interstate 65. With access to major shipping routes, railways and nearby airports, it is easy for industries to transport goods and reach major markets throughout the southeast. The county is also centrally located between many major automobile manufacturers and related industries.

Trained Workers and Available Property

Franklin County has invested in workforce development and industrial parks. The county’s workforce training programs provide technical education opportunities for area residents, producing better trained workers, and provides ongoing employee training for area industries. The county has also invested in industrial sites for new development. The county’s five shovel-ready industrial parks and two Speculative Buildings are ready for immediate occupation.

Low Cost of Living – High Quality of Life

Franklin County offers a low cost of living. Residents in the county enjoy small town living, but have the resources of larger cities nearby. Franklin County also features many recreational attractions, including Bear Creek Lakes, The Roxy and the Dismal’s Canyon.